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 Contact Information

Contact Information

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

For general questions or comments for the Management Committee:



For more specific questions or comments for Members of the Management Committee:

Past-President - past-president@probuswesternottawa.ca

President - president@probuswesternottawa.ca

Vice-President - vice-president@probuswesternottawa.ca

Secretary - secretary@probuswesternottawa.ca

Treasurer - treasurer@probuswesternottawa.ca

Membership - membership@probuswesternottawa.ca

Policy Advisor - policy@probuswesternottawa.ca

Speakers - speakers@probuswesternottawa.ca

Lunches - lunches@probuswesternottawa.ca

Outings - outings@probuswesternottawa.ca

Meeting Hospitality - coffee@probuswesternottawa.ca

Euchre/Bridge - euchre@probuswesternottawa.ca

Member at Large - member-at-large@probuswesternottawa.ca

Publicity - publicity@probuswesternottawa.ca

Newsletter - newsletter@probuswesternottawa.ca

Cards and Letters - cards@probuswesternottawa.ca

For comments or suggestions for the web site:

Website - webmaster@probuswesternottawa.ca


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