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Thursday 21 September

NCC Beaver Trail walk
Off Moodie Drive

10:30 a.m.

Join us for a leisurely 2.5 Km walk on a smooth trail and some boardwalks. The trail starts at the NCC parking P8 which is just south of Hunt Club Road on Moodie Drive.

Bring your camera, food for birds, chipmunks

We will go rain or shine, so dress appropriately.

Sign up at the September meeting or email outings@probuswesternottawa.ca

Some comments from recent visitors:

“Very nice walk - lots of chipmunks (eat out of your hand) and all the birds - cardinal-chickadees-pileated woodpeckers- new floral growth.... great walk”

“Beautiful hiking trail and lots of wildlife. We see chipmunks and feed the chickadee birds. They come to you if you hold out your hand with bird seed. It's definitely an experience you don't want to miss!”

Moose McGuire'sLunch following our walk

Moose McGuire's
South end of Hazeldean Mall parking lot
after our trail walk

This is where it is: (note to get to this part of Moodie you have to take the traffic circle at Old Richmond Road and Hunt Club)

Trail Map

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