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Tuesday 9 October 2018

"Two centuries of Canadian Clocks"
Allan Symons 

Following a career as a chemistry research scientist with Atomic Energy of Canada at Chalk River, Allan retired in late 1999 to set up Canada's only clock museum in the town of Deep River where he has lived since September 1972.

Allan Symons is the founder, Manager, and Curator of the Canadian Clock Museum in Deep River, Ontario. The museum has federal non-profit status and is a registered charity. This unique museum is now in its 19th year of telling the story of Canada's many clock makers and sellers. The total number of visitors since the May 2000 opening recently passed 13,000. There have also been tens of thousands of hits on the museum's web site at www.canclockmuseum.ca by people who often send e-mail requests for information about clocks that they have inherited or found.

Following extensive research, he has written four articles about lesser known Canadian clock companies. These were published in the bimonthly Bulletin of the Pennsylvania-based National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, which has eight chapters across Canada. Not bad for someone who hated history in high school - his lowest mark!

Allan's presentation highlighted clocks made and sold in 'Canada' from the early 1820s to the present time. You can get a good overview of the museum's collections in advance by checking the web site and clicking on the Galleries section.

After a spirited question and answer session, Allan mentioned that he was also involved with Society for the Preservation of Canada's Nuclear Heritage, Inc. and referred members to its website at www.NuclearHeritage.ca.

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